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Getting a good sleep feels really good; but finding the confort for that sleep always begins by finding the confort with your sleeping pillow.
Getting a good sleep really begins by finding great confort with yor sleeping pillow is as simple as that.  Geeting a good sleep can be chanllenging if your body does not find a natural resting needs.

The problem: Your body does not rest sometimes due to your mattress "very thin or very soft". This situation leads to neck crunch up towards the chest and the tongue to fall into the throat, which restricts air from passing, back-sleepers are also more prone to snoring.

What sleeping pillow to look for?

To achieve that great sleep and reduce that stress on your body the right sleeping pillow is a must.  In some cases, thinner sleeping pillows are highly recommended. Look for a sleeping pillow that eliminates the foam and fluff. Too much stuffing or overly firm foam can cause the head to tilt in towards the chest, constricting breathing.
To avoid neck cramping, look for a pillow with a slight incline near the bottom to fit the natural curve in your neck. Of course all bodies are different, our recommendation is to find that sleeping pillow that can bring you confort for in getting a good sleep.